The Indivisible South Bay Media Matters Committee will defend the integrity of the First Amendment, and promote a reliable, robust, and free media, which is the bedrock of a functional democracy.

Currently, our specific goals include: Identifying Fake News and Combatting Trump’s Undemocratic Characterization of Real News as Fake News Monitoring whistleblower prosecutions against government workers who speak with the media Monitoring censorship of Administrative and Judicial speech (i.e., gag orders to Administrative agencies, hiding how tax dollars are being spent) Promoting media literacy Combatting the normalization of white supremacy through news outlets endorsed by the Administration (such as Breitbart)

Send an email to [email protected] if you would like to receive updates on Committee meetings, events related to the media and First Amendment, or would like more information about how to have online discussions on this topic with other ISB members.