At ISB’s last steering committee meeting, we decided that we would like to invite people from the community to come forward–people who have stories to tell about how the policies and programs of the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress are personally affecting them. At upcoming general meetings, we plan to feature one guest speaker who can talk for 10 minutes or so, then take questions. We’re not asking for experts in the field; we’re looking for people with a compelling story to tell, about the Muslim Ban, about DACA and deportations, about ACA/ACHA, about fear for your job as a climate scientist/EPA administrator; or perhaps, something about how you’ve caused a relative in a red state to change their thinking…or how they’ve changed yours. The range of possible topics is large. We want stories. We know they’re out there…if interested in giving a presentation like this at one of our general meetings, please write to us at [email protected] The Steering Committee will look at your proposal and let you know within a couple weeks. Thank you! –Lisa