Hello; welcome to Indivisible South Bay.

It’s a gorgeous day outside, sunny and clear. It’s also Day 1017 of the Trump Administration…oh no, sorry, it just seems like that.

On March 4th, our forty-fifth president accused our forty-fourth president of committing a felony. Many days later, Trump has offered no proof that Obama surveilled anyone. He will find no proof. The sum-total of what Trump has said and done during his weeks in office, and the sum-total of what the Tea Party Republicans are already doing in Congress: it’s frightening.

But we won’t give way to fear and panic.

As dark and strange as these times are, we must remember: this is also the start of a new resurgence of patriotism in America, the kind of clear-sighted, outspoken patriotism that leads to real democracy, real financial and political reforms, real assistance and protections for the most downtrodden among us. Someone in our group recently said to me, “I feel like, as bad as things are, this could be our country’s finest hour.” Yes, it could be—because we are uniting as never before.

Eitan and I recently attended a discussion in Menlo Park led by Ezra Levin, one of the founders of Indivisible. Levin reported that Indivisible now has 6,000 chapters across the country—including at least 2 chapters in every single Congressional district. And, he added, the national Indivisible group will soon provide tools on its website to make it much easier for local Indivisibles to connect with each other. Even without those tools, the leaders of about ten of the District 17, 18 and 19 Indivisible groups are already forming connections; look for the announcement soon of a multiple-group Indivisible gathering in this area.

As for Indivisible South Bay, we are currently about 200 members strong—I am so impressed by the dedicated, smart people in our group!—and we have adopted the Indivisible Guide as our playbook. We have several accomplishments already under our belt: near-constant phone calls and letters to our Members of Congress (MoCs), a twice-weekly action bulletin, attendance in large numbers at recent Town Hall meetings (Eshoo and Khanna), and private meetings either in the works or about to happen with our local MoC’s. We are taking the Indivisible Guide very seriously, and are already working hard to influence our elected officials.

I hope you will join us in this work. If you have any thoughts about anything I’ve said, don’t hesitate to write, at [email protected]
–Lisa F. ISB Co-Director