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Urge UN to investigate attacks on religious minorities in India

Religious groups such as Muslims, Christians and Dalits are being targeted in India. We have seen a rise in violent activities since 2014 when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power. Gangs with connections to BJP are responsible for the vast majority of these attacks. Horrible things are ...
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Sign Kamala Harris’s Petition to support stopping TrumpCare

Senator Kamala Harris had put out a petition seeking your support against TrumpCare. Signing petitions such as this are pivotal in allowing her to show the extent of disagreement with TrumpCare when working with her peers and making public statements. Add your name to oppose the Senate’s health c...
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Tell Senate Democrats to do all necessary to block Republican Senators attacks on immigrants

GOP Senators are now ramping up bills that will allow racial profiling and ease deportations with the result of traumatizing and separating families. Democratic Senators were able to push GOP Senators in order to remove funding for the border wall and more deportation efforts months ago so we are...
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Call your Senators to tell them that Trumpcare is unacceptable and they must do everything possible to stop it

In particular, this time we will be calling the legislative assistants to ask them to put all of the Senator’s attention on stopping Trumpcare. Call them daily to make sure they know that this is a critical bill that could affect us for many years to come. Use resources provided by Indivisible to...
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Call Attorney General Xavier Becerra to oppose allowing churches to endorse political candidates

Trump has recently signed an order that would allow for tax exempt organizations, including churches, to endorse political candidates. This directly conflicts with the Johnson Amendment, enacted in 1954. Congress will have to repeal the Johnson Amendment in order to allow Trump’s executive order ...
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Contact Scott Pruitt to strongly oppose the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement

Trump has announced multiple times that he intends and would like to withdraw from the Paris agreement, a landmark agreement made during the Obama Era to ensure our future on this planet. Recently, Trump has also held meetings on the matter. Contact Administrator of the EPA Scott Pruitt, Secretar...
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Submit a Public Comment on Plan to make EPA Cuts

The EPA Administrator has opened up a comment line on the topic of the EPA “seeking input on regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification.” This is a follow up to an executive order that Trump signed called Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda. This order is mean...
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Submit your Comments to support Net Neutrality

Last week we asked you to sign a petition against the abolishment on Net Neutrality. This week a comment line has opened to contact Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman that has announced plans to abolish net neutrality. Net neutrality, if you don’t know, is “the principle that Internet service providers shoul...
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Sign Petition to protect the Antiquities Act

The Antiquities Act allows the president to designate federal lands and water sources as national monuments. This has allowed us to create our national parks and has historically been a decidedly bipartisan and well loved law. Use this website to send a message to your MOCs. Read more about it an...
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Sign Petition against tax handouts to the fossil fuel industry

All evidence points to Trump creating more and more benefits for the fossil fuel industry. Trump is signing executive orders rolling back conservation and expanding drilling. This petition is sponsored by Americans for Tax Fairness and to be sent to Congress. Read more about it and sign here.
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Sign Petition against the dismantling of Net Neutrality

The FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has revealed initial plans to abolish net neutrality. Net neutrality, if you don’t know, is “the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products ...
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Sign Petition demanding that Trump cannot make cuts to NASA and NOAA

Trump wants to cut hundreds of millions from NASA and NOAA, programs that not only provide data on climate change but also provide resources for our defense. Keeping these programs well funded and supported should be a no-brainer. This petition will be delivered to the House, Senate and Trump. Re...
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Sign Petition asking for Congress to deny funding for Private Prisons

Private prisons have started to get attention for the way they are being used to imprison illegal immigrants. Trump’s policies have majorly benefited these private prisons which were in no need of help to begin with. This country has struggled with massive incarceration for decades but it continu...
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Sign Petition voicing disapproval of TrumpCare

Senator Kamala Harris has put out a petition for you to voice your opposition to the GOP healthcare bill. Senator Harris can then use the signatures she has collected to show how passionately we are against this bill. Sign to show a large force against TrumpCare here.
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Call your Senators to oppose TrumpCare

As you probably heard, there was a vote in the House today where TrumpCare was narrowly passed. Now is the time to call your Senators (you can call them multiple times about the same issue!) to let them know that passing TrumpCare would be unacceptable. Senator Harris has explicitly asked you to ...
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Share your story about how TrumpCare would affect you

Senator Kamala Harris has put out a call for stories about how TrumpCare would affect you and what the ACA has done for you. From Senator Harris: “we need to share the stories of those who will be hurt the most if they lose their health insurance or protections for pre-existing conditions” It is ...
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Sign Petition to Congress insisting that they make Trump clean up his act

Trump has shown himself to be unethical, unreliable and deceptive in his first 100 days of office. The Office of Government Ethics has been inundated with messages and calls from concerned citizens which is just one form of expression of the American people’s concerns about Trump’s ethics and mor...
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Sign Petition to Congress demanding they not allow Rex Tillerson to sell weapons to Human Rights Abusers

During the Obama era, there were restrictions of who the United States would sell weapons to but Rex Tillerson has lifted all human rights preconditions on a major sale of fighter jets and other lethal weapons to Bahrain. Congress has the ability to block the sale of arms at any time up until the...
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Sign Petition telling Legislators that we support Planned Parenthood

Send a message to your local state and national legislators that you do not support the calls for defunding and tearing down Planned Parenthood. California may be a progressive state but funding cuts can impact our access to free, easy family planning services as well as access for people in very...
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Call your MOCs to support the Data at the Border Act

HR 1899 and S 823 are bipartisan mirror bills in the House and Senate introduced on April 4th that would protect people from indiscriminate and suspicionless searches of phones, laptops and tablets when crossing the border. Currently a loophole exists that allows border agents to do just that, en...
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