Current Actions

Please do share information on ACA open enrollment as it starts soon (Nov 1) that you can read about below. 

Call or Email:

Share Details on ACA Open Enrollment with friends and family

Details: ACA open enrollment goes from Nov 1 to Dec 15 this year. This means that the window for enrollment has been halved from the normal 3 month period to 1.5 months. Additionally the Trump administration has cut the budget for announcing this information by 90% so it is important that this information is shared widely by people like you. Please Visit to find out how to apply.


Call the Senate Judiciary Committee to demand a Hearing on DACA

Details: The Senate Judiciary Committee has indefinitely postponed a hearing on DACA. Call the committee and demand that they schedule a hearing for this incredibly important topic.


Support the DREAM Act

Details: The DREAM Act has been a bill that has been evolving for over 7 years in the form of slightly different standards, exceptions, and policy for path to citizenship and more. Read more about this current DREAM Act here. This DREAM Act is quite progressive but that also means it will be hard to pass so we must be calling our MoCs and asking that they show strong public support of this bill. Senators Feinstein and Harris have already cosigned the bill so call them to thank them and let them to continue to publicly offer strong support of the bill. Also sign this petition in support of the DREAM Act.


Call Gov Brown to ask that he support SB 54

Details: The California Values Act, SB 54, will “protect the safety and wellbeing of all Californians by ensuring that state and local resources are not used to fuel mass deportations, separate families, or terrorize our communities.” The bill essentially limits police, school, healthcare, courts, and Labor Division does not use their resources to report on a person's citizenship status. The bill is moving it’s way through the CA Assembly but it has yet to get support from Gov Brown. Call him and let him know how important this bill is and that you would like to hear him publicly support it.



Nobody is Above the Law Rally

Details: MoveOn has created an excellent resource to find events as a response if Mueller is fired. The page has events that are happening in many local cities as well as all across the united state. You can check them out here. Since it is not know when exactly Mueller would be fired, the events are planned based on the time of day that Mueller is fired. If he is fired before 2pm on any given day, the rallies will start at 5pm on that same day. If he is fired after 2pm, protests will occur at noon the following day. The goal is to have a strong and cohesive turnout. Many local events are already planned and the locations and links are as follows:

  • Santa Clara: Ro Khanna Santa Clara Office Santa Clara, CA 95050, Event Page
  • San Jose: San Jose City Hall Plaza San Jose, CA 95113, Event Page
  • Palo Alto: Anna Eshoo Palo Alto office Palo Alto, CA 94301, Event Page
  • Los Altos: Corner of El Camino & San Antonio near Peets, CA 94022, Event Page


Tracy Voter Registration

Nov 4, 9am - 1pm in Tracy, CA

Details: This is an event to register voters in Tracy, CA with Swing Left. From the event page: “The race for the House has already started. Talking to voters in key districts is one of the single most important ways you can make sure we win.” The event will also include training you with the information you need to register and educate voters. Sign up with the event page below.


General Resources:

Call To Win

A great resource to quickly and efficiently connect you with your representatives:


Daily Action

Daily Action offers constant updates on things to do (call, email, postcards, etc.) in the moments they matter most. Text DAILY to 228466 to get started or call (844)241-1141 to be connected.


Indivisible Scripts

Indivisible is helping to supply content to call your MOC with. Some people are not as familiar with calling their representatives or they aren’t sure what to say or how to say it and these scripts help to provide a basis for that.


Text (520)200-2223

A person named John Emerson made a tool to give all people access to their representatives. If you text the number your ZIP code, you will receive a text with all your representatives phone numbers. Apparently it does not include Ro Khanna but other than that is it a great tool.